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   ASCARIVE has 45 members, including producers of both peeled and natural coffees. All have their crops monitored periodically and are advised by the Agronomic Engineer of the association. They receive technical training, participate in courses, and are closely monitored by the ASCARIVE's Commission for Environmental compliance with environmental criteria and standards.

   All this, combined with the extensive experience and dedication of the producers who make the coffee culture in the region, a centuries-old tradition that dates back to the time of the Empire, contributes to the production of specialty coffees and its national and international recognition.

   Currently ASCARIVE features a large consumer market, exporting to USA, European Union and Asia. Its potential customers is increasing every year, the volume of purchase and today we can say that with the current volume of 10,000 sacks is insufficient to meet the required demand.

   LOCATION: ASCARIVE is located in Carmo de Minas, in Minas Gerais state, more specifically in the micro region of Serra da Mantiqueira, a privileged area with ideal conditions for producing quality coffees. As a gift of nature, the region has a fertile soil, temperate climate, ideal altitudes between 900-1500 meters and excellent pluviometric indexes with rainfall in ideal times. All these conditions, combined with the knowledge and dedication of the producers, strengthen the ability to produce quality coffee in our region.

  We are committed to the sustainable production of high quality coffee.

   MISSION: Produce quality coffee so we can meet the consumers' expectations, being reference in the Fairtrade Coffee Market.