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   Certifica Minas is a Structuring Program of the State Government. Implemented by the Institute of Agriculture of Minas Gerais (IMA) and the EMATER-MG - both within the State Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply - the program ensures a higher participation of agricultural production originated from the state of Minas Gerais in both national and international markets.

   One of the actions Certifica Minas is the Coffee Farms Certification Program, which aims to certify compliance of these estates with the requirements of world trade, allowing the coffee from Minas Gerais to consolidate and gain new markets.

   The guidelines for adequacy of the estates are made by Emater-MG, while the preliminary audits to check the adequacies in accordance with the international standards are carried out by the Institute of Agriculture of Minas Gerais - IMA

   Completing the process, a certifier of international recognition makes a final audit and grants accreditation to the approved estates.

  The certification is a guarantee to the consumer that the properties adopt good agricultural practices at all stages of production, meeting environmental and labor standards.


O Certifica Minas  um Programa Estruturador do Governo de Minas. Executado pelo Instituto Mineiro de Agropecuria (IMA) e pela EMATER-MG